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Rental Car Coverage; are you covered? We hate to think that winter is just right around the corner. Temperatures plummet, snow falls and the roads get slippery. Have you reviewed your auto insurance recently? Do you have Rental Car Coverage? If you do, is it enough to pay for a comparable vehicle? Enterprise is the largest rental car agency that supplies vehicles to insurance clients. They recently provided some estimated pricing and some statistics to help us….help you! On average, a driver can expect to be in a car accident every 8 years The average vehicle is in the repair shop nearly 2 weeks Rental…

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Your Teen and Distracted Driving; know the dangers

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“911, What’s Your Emergency?”  It’s 1am and you get a call from your local hospital’s ER; they tell you there has been an accident and to please come immediately—and that’s all they offer. Your ride to the hospital is gut wrenching, thoughts racing but you know, deep down, what the news will be; your child was a fatality in an accident while texting and driving. Accidents are high in numbers involving teenage drivers and distractions, from texting to singing and having fun with their passengers, to changing a radio station or reaching for something; it’s an avoidable occurrence. Is your teen practicing safe driving habits? Do they…

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