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“911, What’s Your Emergency?” 

It’s 1am and you get a call from your local hospital’s ER; they tell you there has been an accident and to please come immediately—and that’s all they offer. Your ride to the hospital is gut wrenching, thoughts racing but you know, deep down, what the news will be; your child was a fatality in an accident while texting and driving.

Accidents are high in numbers involving teenage drivers and distractions, from texting to singing and having fun with their passengers, to changing a radio station or reaching for something; it’s an avoidable occurrence. Is your teen practicing safe driving habits? Do they think it’ll never happen to them?

Watch Sarah’s story; a young lady from Ashtabula, Ohio that could have killed, not only herself, but her young nephew and others on the road that day.

Do you have a plan for your teen to make them accountable for their driving? Check out the Parent-Teen driving contract here:  safeco-parent-teen-contract

In an article published by AAA in March 2015, 6 out of 10 teen crashes involved driver distractions; read more here: AAA Study: Distracted Driving