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If I have Health Insurance do I need Medical Payments on an auto insurance policy?

By July 18, 2019No Comments

You are driving home after work and another car runs the red light and broadsides you. The car is heavily damaged and you are injured. The paramedics arrive and wisk you off to the hospital. You know the collision coverage on your auto policy will take care of the car, if the other party isn’t insured, but who pays for the ambulance ride and ER visit?”

If you have Medical Payments coverage on your auto insurance policy then Medical Payments (aka Medpay) covers your immediate hospital, doctor, ambulance and funeral expenses, up to the amount listed on your auto insurance policy. The typical medpay coverage is $5,000 but some choose less or more. Your medpay pays regardless of who’s at fault and also covers your passengers involved in the accident.

Not everyone has health insurance or many have a high deductible plan. Think of medpay as a supplement to your own health insurance that can help with the deductible, co-payments and any other out of pocket expenses related to the medical treatment after the accident.

Medical Payments coverage is not typically that expensive under an auto policy so perhaps consider a higher amount if you have one of the higher deductible health insurance plans or no health insurance at all.

If you reside in a no fault state, Medical Payments is referred to as PIP (Personal Injury Protection); the difference is PIP covers lost wages, whereas medpay does not.

Have questions? Always reach out to your agent for assistance.