How Safeco Insurance can save you up to 30% on your auto insurance

We all see the commercials about savings on your auto insurance, so the video you are about to watch isn’t rocket science BUT it is a way for you to save anywhere from 5% to 30% on your auto insurance.

Safeco Insurance introduced RightTrack a few years ago; it’s popularity among Safeco clients has grown tremendously. I include it on all of my new Safeco auto quotes and offer it to existing clients because it just makes sense. Unlike some other plug-in devices, your rate will never increase because of the data collected; you can only gain discounts. Want to know more? Here’s how it works:

RightTrack is a telematics program that provides customers with a discount based on their safe driving habits. At enrollment, customers receive an initial enrollment discount. After a 90-day review period, a final discount of up to 30%, but no lower than 5%, will replace the enrollment discount and remain with the vehicle for the life of the policy.

Watch the short video for more: Safeco RightTrack Video 

It’s easy, and who wouldn’t want to earn money off their auto insurance? Why choose Safeco with RightTrack?

You feel empowered to earn a lower rate on your auto insurance

Discount remains for the duration of your policy

Earn a minimum of 5%, no matter what


Have Safeco already? Ask me how to sign up. Want a quote? Call or email me at

Safeco RightTrack is not available in AK, CA, NC, ME, DC, DE, HI, NJ, RI