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“At least 17 confirmed tornadoes touched down during a series of storms late Memorial Day into early Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service in Wilmington announced late Wednesday night, and teams are continuing to survey damage across the state”. (By Bethany Bruner The Columbus Dispatch Wednesday

Check out the stats Click here .

The devastation the Dayton, Ohio area saw this past weekend is unfathomable to most of us. The one documented life lost was one too many. As people sort through the rubble of, what was, once their home they wonder how they will recover.  The Columbus Dispatch has some of the most complete details of the weekends destruction.

Maybe it’s me, but the weather patterns are changing in the United States. Do you have a plan in place for shelter from a tornado? First, let’s talk about the difference between a “warning” and a “watch”.

A “warning” is the immediacy of weather conditions; meaning the conditions are favorable for dangerous weather.

A “watch” means the conditions that produce severe weather are possible, but does not indicate any imminent severe weather.

So, when should you take shelter? Perhaps it depends on you; when you feel it best. Some may take shelter as soon as a watch is issued while others, like me, may wait until a warning is issued ( I’m somewhat of a storm lover so you may find me on my back deck, watching the storms move west to east across of vast farm…not smart, I know). Regardless, you need a plan.

The National Weather Service has some great tornado safety information available on their website; check it out here National Weather Service 

Here are some quick tips on how to be prepared:

  1. Have a plan in place
  2. Practice
  3. Have food, water and other necessary supplies in a plastic, sealed container.
  4. Have more than one way to get weather reports
  5. Sign up for notifications in your community

Do you already have a plan in place? Share it with me at and I’ll post it on our website for other’s to see.